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What is General Public?

A public refers to any group of people that has a real or potential interest in or an effect on a business's ability to achieve its objectives. One category of publics is general publics which are groups of people who indirectly consume a non-business organisation’s goods or services. For example, in case of educational institutions, the alumni and parents of students can be considered as general publics.

In more general terms, all the people who live in the society in which a firm operates are the general publics for that firm as they are affected directly or indirectly by its activities. Firms usually use advertising through mass media to reach these audiences and convey marketing messages. It is important for firms to consider the general publics’ attitude and perception towards its products and activities in the marketplace.

However, focusing on the general publican make organisations unintentionally abandon their loyal audiences in order to the chance to woo the faceless crowds–about whom they know nothing. In the process, they might end up losing both the parties. It is important for the firm to understand that it can never satisfy the artistic needs of the general public because these needs vary for each member of the public –and these may even be diametrically opposed to the needs of other members of the public.


Hence, this concludes the definition of General Public along with its overview.

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