Patronage Motives - Meaning & Definition

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What is Patronage Motives?

Patronage Motives are the reasons or considerations which makes a buyer to prefer one particular retailer, outlet or service provider over others.


Certain consumers’ preference to buy Samsung Mobile phones over Apple’s iPhone.

Behind every buying decision made by the customer there is a motive. This motive could be rational or emotional. The Buyer’s Motives are classified as below

Let’s look at the Patronage buying motives.

Emotional Patronage buying motives:

When a consumer patronages a particular retailer or outlet without any reasoning then he is said to be influenced by emotional patronage buying motives. Those motives are include

• Appearance of the store

• Display of goods inside the store

• Recommendations from Influencers

• Prestige

• Habits

• Imitation

Rational Patronage buying motives:

When a consumer patronages a particular retailer by considering the possible benefits through logical reasoning then he is said to be influenced by rational buying motives. Those motives include

• Convenience

• Low price offered at the shop

• Availability of credit facilities

• Sale person efficiency

• Availability of wide options

• Reputation of the shop

• Previous experience in dealing with same shop/retailer

Once the general motives of the consumer for particular products or services are ascertained, the marketers can design or strategize their marketing efforts based on appealing to those motives. For apple products more often than not the patronage buying motives are generally emotional than rational. The high number of turnouts in the apple store is the proof for this behaviour. The survivability of kirana stores in India is due to the fact of convenience and low price buying motives.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Patronage Motives along with its overview.

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