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What is Sales Resistance?

Sales resistance is the resistance shown by buyers before buying a product. The Buyer weighs in all the options and compares different products before making a decision of buying. In most cases the customer questions himself on the benefits of buying the product by spending cash or by relinquishing the opportunity to buy an attractive alternative. It is natural for buyers to opt for product or service which gives him value for his money.

The buyer’s resistance is classified as

1. Reactance—Resistance to the sales process

2. Scepticism—customer’s suspicion on the product ,salesperson or the company

3. Inertia—Fear of choice


Resistance can be expressed verbally or sometimes non-verbally. Verbal resistance can be objections or excuses. In most cases it is expressed as disguised questions on the features of the product which the salesperson failed to explain. It can also be expressed as excuses like “I will come back later”. These excuses are expressed early in the sales process or at the end

Objections are different from excuses. In objections there will be a clear point of difference between the consumer expectation and the product offerings. But objections also signify the consumer’s interest to learn more about the product. Objections if properly used can act as a justification in aiding the selling process by the salesperson.

Sales person should be trained properly to handle the sales resistance as it is a natural behaviour shown by all prospective customers. To overcome the buyer’s resistance the salesperson should have complete knowledge on the product he is selling and also the product details of the competitors. Probe the customer and understand his needs and propose a possible solution. If objections are raised by consumers use those objections effectively and confirm the sale.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Resistance along with its overview.

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