Advertising Brief - Meaning & Definition

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What is Advertising Brief?

Advertising brief is the document which confirms the understanding between the firm and the advertising agency on different parameters.


A typical advertising brief contains details on

• Client and his requirements

What the client requires the ad agency to work on. Example a website , PR or twitter campaign

• Clients Business Background

Business background of the company and its business goals so that advertising campaigns can be aligned to convey the core value of the company in all its advertisements

• Objective/Purpose

Why is this required? What is the company wants to achieve through this?

• Target Audience

Determine the target group based on their age, background and other demographic differences to whom the campaign should be focussed.

• Positioning

Current Positioning and re-positioning requirements

• Promise/Benefits

What is most important benefit the customer will get by buying the product?

• Response

What kind of response is expected out of the campaign?

• Executional guidelines and Tone of voice

Designing different information for different groups and the tone of voice decisions for each target group

• Timing and Budget

Time frame for the campaign and the total cost


All the above listed points are discussed in detail and documented in the advertising brief so that both the company and the advertising agency are clear on what is expected and what the deliverables are. Thus both the parties reach a consensus and at each stage, the above parameters are monitored and assessed for compliance. Any deviation from the advertising brief needs to be communicated and the revised version of the agreement should be updated.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Brief along with its overview.

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