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What is Rollout?

Rollout is launching of a new product or service in the market. It is done in batch-wise and area-wise. The first rollout acts as market test and based on the response further rollouts are planned. Thus the production is limited to producing only in batches and it is not run at the full capacity.

This saves company a lot of cost and effort. Usually the rollout is done in a progressive manner and it starts with rolling out in areas which are familiar and cost less to the company.

Sometimes rollout for a company also means the different marketing activities that they plan to implement. Each activity is launched in phases like social media campaigns, e-commercing etc.

For example Bru was launched by HUL in phases. It was first rolled out in Tamilnadu and based on the response that it got was used to rollout Bru in other states.

Some of the rollouts are also accompanied by media and promotional campaigns. It has become a common practice to introduce a new phone in the market by having media cover the entire launch. This is done to keep the features and functions of the phone secret so that it could not be replicated soon. Nowadays it has become essential for any company to interact with the customers over digital mediums also. That’s why there are many digital campaigns which are launched prior to any rollout of a product.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Rollout along with its overview.

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