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What is Advertising Theme?

The central idea or message which is reflected in all the advertisements in an ad campaign of a product is termed as advertising theme. The objective of an advertising theme is to position the product firmly into the minds of target customers. Hence, a series of ads are created under an ad campaign having same theme so that customers receive the same message in several ways and record the same thing in their mind. This has proved to be more effective in creating impact than showing individual ads of the same product but with different themes.


Common Type of Themes:

i. Comfort: This theme is generally used in cars, air conditioners, home durables products

ii. Beauty: This theme is generally expressed for the beauty products, cosmetics etc.

iii. Family values: This theme is prominently used by Coca-Cola through their ads. Its main competitor use the theme of energy and youth in its ad campaigns. They use different themes for the similar product because they target different customer segment.

iv. Prestige: Luxury products like jewelry, costly goods like refrigerators, high end automobiles show this theme to position themselves.

v. Other commonly used themes are patriotism, courage, fear, achievement, self-confidence etc.



i. Coca-Cola Ad Theme: Coca-Cola has positioned itself as a product which care about relations and values. The same is reflected from its ad campaigns. In every ad of Coca-Cola, there will be a family rejoicing together over some event with Coca-Cola

ii. Pepsi Ad Theme: Pepsi, although selling the similar product as Coca-Cola but using entirely opposite ad theme in its ad campaigns. In their ads, they always promote youth energy, courage to take up challenges and new initiatives. Pepsi ads never talk about family values relationships and this feature is found in every Pepsi advertisement.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Advertising Theme along with its overview.

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