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What is Face to Face Selling?

Face to Face Selling is another term used for personal selling. It is a process in which salesperson interacts with customer directly in order to sell the product. Face to Face selling is marketing and selling product to customer using his skills and marketing techniques. It can occur during a sales meeting or in a retail environment. Face to Face Selling is considered as cornerstone of sales. It can be done through presentations, persuasive pitch or demonstrations. For major sales people like to meet salesman rather than opting for telephonic or online buying.

Example- Amway, Tupperware, salesperson in a retail outlet attending a customer.

It involves direct communication between salesperson and client.

These techniques help building personal relations with customers which will benefit bottom line. This is distinct from direct marketing because individual clients are being dealt here.

There are basic 5 stages in face to face selling-

• Attention

• Interest

• Desire

• Conviction

• Action

In this era when products are just a click away it is quite expensive, time consuming, limited coverage and obtrusive when face to face selling is concerned. But it has advantages too like it builds customers trust, demonstrations help in selling products and focus on customers increase probability of conversion.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Face to Face Selling along with its overview.

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