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What is Effective Reach?

It is percentage of target audience that is exposed to a particular ad and receives given message to affect sales and purchase who are reached at or above effective frequency level. Here effective frequency level is the number of exposures necessary to make an impact and attain communication goal.

Effective reach is used to describe the quality of exposure. As term describe its nature ‘effective’ that is it tells the effectiveness of the reach. Effective Reach is different form reach as effective reach calculates the percentage of reach which makes an impact over the viewer. And reach is just the number of viewers exposed to ad atleast once during the specific period.

This difference can be described using below example-

XYZ advertising company launches an ad in the newspaper for a new product A. The newspaper is circulated to 1 lac people out of which only 20,000 people read that ad and 200 people bought product A.

Now 20,000 is the reach and 200 is the effective reach which made an impact on sales.

Effective reach is used in application of statistics to advertising and media analysis to calculate the effectiveness of ad and means used for ad. Effective reach is a time-dependent summary of aggregate audience behaviour. These figures are of no use without a period. Media Planners use effective reach as an objective of their media plan that how many people will be effectively exposed to the media plan.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Effective Reach along with its overview.

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