Emotional Appeal

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Definition: Emotional Appeal

When marketers use emotional factors like family values, joy, surprise, anger, trust to promote their products instead of focusing on product features and specifications the appealing used is called emotional appeal.

In creating emotional appeal marketers focus mainly on things that directly relates to a consumer’s needs, interests, aspirations and his emotional state. Emotional appeal have a greater impact than rational appeal because consumer feels more attached to a brand if he can relate to the emotional appeal raised by the brand. In the buying stage, if a customer is making an impulse purchase he would act rather emotionally than rationally and would subconsciously decide on reacting to images or music conveyed by the brand during their advertisements.

Research and case studies on emotional appeal have shown that engendering emotions into a message or an advertisement makes them more memorable. While creating emotional appeal in an advertisement, marketer takes care of factors like lighting, color scheme, design, tone and music. They try to appeal to empathy, sympathy, fear, happiness and other human emotions. Emotional appeal uses a set of themes and designs to create meaning for the consumer. Emotional appeal is different from rational appeal in the sense that emotional appeal seeks symbolic relationships between products and activities which consumers carry out by communicating through design, music and tonality while in rational appeal focus is on logical relationships like products’ features and specifications. Linking positive emotions to your brand create positive image of your brand in consumer’s mind and in turn creates goodwill towards the brand. Generally, a non-profit organization mostly uses emotional appeal because it wants to make a deep connect with its audience because it seeks response from the masses.

For example;

• Samsung in its advertisement for Galaxy S4 conveyed the idea that by using S4 relationships grow closer using the idea that people value relationships a lot.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Emotional Appeal along with its overview.

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