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What is Emotional Branding?

Emotional Branding refers to the strategy of linking a brand with the human emotions through marketing and positioning of the brand. It is a tactics whose aim is to connect their brand with the consumer for the long time. Hence, they target to the emotional aspect of the consumer and associate their brand with it. In this way, a consumer feels close with the brand and related itself with the products that brand offer.

It is considered to be a one-time effort in marketing. Once the brand is positioned, then there is nothing much need to do. It also is considered to have a long term effect on the consumer. The brands which offer products which can be used by people of different age groups, benefits with it greatly as consumer spends whole life using the same brand and does not switch to other brand easily. It also promoted loyalty among the customers.


As it is a popular strategy, there are numerous brands which focus on emotional branding like Pepsi Co., Coca-Cola, McDonalds etc. Bata is a good example which used emotional branding. Being a European company, it has positioned itself in such a way in India that a large proportion of customers who wear Bata shoes thinks that it is an Indian brand and thus, feel Indian. Bata focused on emotional side of humans and advertised itself in such a way which triggers nationality, relationships bonding and generation bonding in customers.

Six Stages of Emotional Branding:

Following are the six stages which helps in creating a comprehensive marketing plan for emotional branding:

i. How do you get someone interested in your brand

ii. How do you make someone to consider purchasing your product

iii. How do you make them believe that their purchasing decision was right

iv. How do you make them to do purchase again.

v. How do you make your brand a part of customer’s life

vi. How do you make your customer to promote your product


Hence, this concludes the definition of Emotional Branding along with its overview.

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