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What is Depth Interview?

Depth or in-depth interview is a qualitative research technique which is used to conduct intensive individual interviews where numbers of respondents are less and research is focused on a specific product, technique, situation or objective. Companies employ market research firms to employ In-depth interviews to understand consumer behavior for a new product or to expand sales of existing products.


• Advantages of In-depth interviews

- Comparatively much more detailed information than other data collection methods like surveys and focused group discussions.

- Provide much more relaxed information to collect information- people feel more comfortable in having a personal conversations rather than filling surveys.


• Limitations of In-depth interviews

- Responses are prone to bias. Responses are affected by the community members and other participants of the program.

- Interviews can be time intensive. Interviewer has to match with the availability of the interviewee.

- Interviewer must be appropriately trained for the interview techniques. The interviews have to be structured and thus need appropriate skills.

- Results cannot be generalized as the sample chosen is very small and hence random sampling methods are used.


• In-depth interview is a 6 step process:

i. Planning

ii. Instruments development

iii. Training of the data collectors or the interviewers

iv. Collection of data

v. Analyzing the collected data

vi. Reporting or disseminating the findings of the analyzed data


• Potential sources of information for data collection

i. Policy makers

ii. Project office

iii. Clinic staff

iv. Program participants/clients

v. Community members

Hence, this concludes the definition of Depth Interview along with its overview.

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