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Rational Appeal - Meaning & Definition

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What is Rational Appeal?

There are broadly two kind of strategies adopted in advertising and marketing, one is Emotional appeal and the other is rational appeal. Emotional appeal targets at user’s heart while rational appeal go for brain by using logic and reasoning.

It is technique of designing advertising to appeal audience by using logical arguments stating how it will satisfy customer’s practical needs. Rational appeal is based on appealing price point and highlighting benefits of the products for the customers. The reasonable, functional and practical aspect of the product or service is highlighted in rational appeal advertisements. Generally small businesses use this kind of advertising method to fend off competition.

For example- kitchen appliances, low range automobiles are marketed using this strategy. Generally goods that are necessity of life are sold using this appeal.

Using rational appeal as communication medium, general advertisement with wide appeal is made for more than one demographic.

Tactics used in designing such kind of advertisements are-

• List down benefits of the product

• Convincing proof such as demonstrations are shown


Inspite of having advantages using rational appeal there are some disadvantages too. Customers who are budget conscious look for low price products but quality should not be compromised. Brand messaging should be consistent and honest.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Rational Appeal along with its overview.

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