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What is Order Taker?

Order taker can be defined as a type of sales person who collects orders of goods and commodities but he does not make any attempts to increase existing sales, increase the frequency of orders or to find new customers. The fact to be considered here is that order takers are not expected by the company to persuade customers to purchase company’s products but are just supposed to book and take customer’s orders and pass the information to the concerned people in the company.

Company also expects order takers to be accurate and precise as they want exact information about customer’s wants and needs. An order taker has responsibility not only towards the company but also towards the customer. Customer also expects information from him about the delivery time of the orders booked by him. Order takers can be categorized into three types; inside order taker, delivery sales people and outside order taker. Retail sales assistants can be considered as inside order takers. In this case the customer enjoys the freedom to choose products without any influence of a salesperson.

The task of salesperson here is just transactional. His work is limited to receive payments and passing on the goods to the customers. Delivery sales people are mainly concerned with delivery of products to the customers and do very little to influence the customer to increase the order. Here the reliability of delivery is very crucial for winning or losing an order. Outside order takers are the ones who mainly respond to customers’ requests rather than influencing them to purchase more and increase the sale. Now a days companies are replacing them with telemarketing teams who just call customers to take their orders. Order getter is different from order taker in the sense that he tries to increase the company’s revenue by persuading customers to buy more and also acquire orders from new customers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Order Taker along with its overview.

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