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What is Master Brand?

The high-level corporate brand under which all other sub-brands and products fit is known as the master brand. The master brand is used to market different products of a company under the same brand name. The product association of these brands with the master brands makes it easy for the brands to be identified by the customers. Customers associate the brand qualities of the larger brands to these smaller brands. But for all this to happen, the only requirement is that the customers must have a positive review about the master brand.

Example: Olay, Head and Shoulders, Tide are all under the master brand Procter and Gamble. When these products were newly introduced in India, they were relatively a huge success, on account of the perception, the consumers have about P&G.

Success of the master brand depends upon:

a. The success of the single, large brand. The customer perception of this brand.

b. The company must maintain a constant quality and brand strategy across all its products and brands.


Using the master brand strategy helps in the following ways:

i) Brand awareness is increased.

ii) Customer communication in the form of feedback is made more efficient.

iii) The marketing costs ideally needed to establish the brand identity is reduced.

iv) Merger of brands, whenever necessary is made easy.


If the products do not fit well, a master brand strategy cannot be used.

Example: Failure of Tata Nano. Tata produced the best possible Indian cars. The cars were normally targeted towards the middle class, the upper middle class and higher classes. When Tata was introduced as the ‘Common man’s car’, the luxury or pride of owning a Tata car was lost. This lead to the failure of Nano.

Another example of Master brand is HUL. Name a type of daily need product and you generally see it available with the brand HUL. Some of the HUL products are Dove, Axe, Clear, Lux, Lipton, Wall's etc

Amul- a brand known for producing the best in segment milk products also is a master brand. But all its products go by the name Amul, may it be Amul butter or Amul cheese or Amul milk etc. 

Hence, this concludes the definition of Master Brand along with its overview.

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