Mass Communication - Meaning & Definition

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What is Mass Communication?

Mass communication is a way of relaying and exchanging information to a large chunk of heterogeneous population by using different mass media like newspapers, radio, TV, social media, etc at a point of time. These are different channels of communication.


There are different types of mass communication. Some of these are listed below.

a) Advertising: - It is a persuasive media to encourage the customers to buy more of that product.

b) Journalism: - It is collection, verification and finally presentation of news to the general public. It involves how the news is produced and how it culminates in the ids of the customers.

c) Public Relations: - This is a medium of communication intended to influence public opinion about a company or a product.

d) Politics: - Campaigning with regard to the product.

Theories of Mass communication: - There are five basic theories of mass communication. These are: -

a) Cultivation Theory: - This theory discusses the long lasting effects of watching Television on customers buying pattern. It is hypothesized that the more a customer sees a particular thing on television, the more likely it is that he makes a connect with it.

b) Agenda Setting Theory: - this theory hypothesizes that media has the power to mould public opinions, to make them think about any particular agenda.

c) The Spiral of Science: - It states that people are more likely to unleash their opinions in public if they fall among the majority part of the population.

d) Media Ecology: - this theory hypothesizes that both media and communication play a vital role in shaping how the consumers interact with their surroundings

e) Semiotic Theory: - this theory lays emphasis on all the signs like words, gestures, images, etc. and it states that all of these are interpretative.

The methods for studying mass communication are both qualitative and quantitative.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Mass Communication along with its overview.

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