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What is Order Getter?

Order getters are the front line sales persons whose job is to persuade the customers to make a direct purchase and to acquire new customers. The end goal is to increase the revenue of the firm. The order getter gets full support of the technical support team and the merchandisers.

The role may include following things

1. These people have to maintain good relations with the customers and generate leads for new customers. Also, they have to do a lot of cold calling and visits to convert the customers.

2. Organizational order getters work for Business to Business deal and maintain long term relation with the customers. They act as a mediator between the customer and functional departments of their own firm to resolve the day to day problems of the customers.

3. The order getter has to be very patient while handling the customers and should not force the customer for any product. They should not impose anything on the customer if the customer is not willing to listen to the product features. The salesperson should be extremely polite.

4. For technical products having complex specifications the technical support team needs to accompany the sales person.

5. Salespeople selling at the retail store are supported by the merchandisers. They help the sales person with the display information of the products, sales promotions and offers.


Business to Business sales, Trade sales, retail store


Hence, this concludes the definition of Order Getter along with its overview.

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