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Adaptive Selling - Meaning & Definition

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What is Adaptive Selling?

Adaptive selling is defined as the change in sales behaviours based on the sales situation. Customized presentation is used to give the details about the product catering to the needs of the customers. An appropriate sales strategy needs to be defined to successfully sell the products to the customers. Sales person needs to be knowledgeable enough to gain customer’s trust, give customer satisfaction and build confidence. Effective salesman should know in and out of the product like what are the functions of the product, how it is created, how it is different from the competitors.

Adaptive selling helps one understand the customer’s needs. A good relationship with the customer always helps a salesman crack a deal.

One should be aware of the different sales situation that might arise while the salesman is on the visit to the clients.

Information Gathering

The information about these situations can be gathered in following ways

1. Newsletters, manuals, meetings, plant visits are very good resources to get information.

2. Sales person can also take the feedback from their supervisors and managers. They can provide a complete feedback of what was wrong and right?

3. Peer learning is also a very good way of learning about the various aspects of the sales situations.

People generally adopt different styles and perception to discuss things. These are called Social styles. Sometimes the salesperson needs to be assertive and the other times responsive.


The rule says when you adapt someone else’s style they will adapt your style.

Driver- A driver style is very professional and to the point. He/ she doesn’t waste time.

Analytical- Adapt your style to an analytical way by focusing on the “how” part of any presentation. Explain all key points about the product.

Amiables- Amiable person likes to be around people. Focus of amiable is on innovation and long-term problem solving.

Expressives- Expressive salesman are creative and can see the big picture clearly. They have a clear idea and communicate in their own style.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Adaptive Selling along with its overview.

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