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Definition: Business-To-Government

Business-to-government (B2G) is a business model that refers to the companies selling products, services or information to governments or government agencies.B2G models provide an opportunity for businesses to bid on government contracts or products that government might buy or need for their firms. This can comprise of public sector companies that propose the bids. B2G bidding is increasingly being executed online through real-time bidding. B2G is also known as public sector marketing.


Types of B2G methods called integrated marketing communications include Web-based communications & public relations and e-marketing. The solicitations given by government are for the businesses that have something to offer to the government. The solicitations can be in the form of reverse auctions where numbers of sellers are competing to get the business.


Social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can also be a part of this market, although companies mostly neglect this form of selling. Companies have to provide the documents related to their product and capabilities that they can offer to the government. Business-to-government (B2G) is a type of B2B marketing and includes public sector companies that want to get into public offerings. The government works on a pre-decided price and it is non- negotiable at a later stage.


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