Industrial Advertising - Meaning & Definition

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What is Industrial Advertising?

Industrial advertising is aimed at manufacturers. It is a type of Business to Business advertising wherein a manufacturer will promote its tools, equipment and raw materials used in the manufacturing process. In this type of advertising one company approaches the other company to convince the other company to purchase products from you.

Mediums Used

In this mode many forms of generating publicity can be used like direct mail campaigns, print ads and other means to produce desired sales. Industrial advertising is very common in almost all industry type and is helpful for variety of items.

The strategy to advertise may vary from company to company. The ads are used to increase the awareness amongst the target customers about the products. The same information is provided through different channels to get better reach.


Businesses like travel support, network system support, communication services and many others take help of industrial advertising to reach out to their clients who need their services the most.


For example, if there is a mineral water bottles small enterprise it will outsource its packaging, bottles, caps etc to other companies. Therefore it is important for these companies to have knowledge of those who are providing the packaging services.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Industrial Advertising along with its overview.

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