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What is Simultaneity?

Services have an important unique characteristic of simultaneity. Simultaneity refers to the property of service which makes it compulsory to produce and consume the service at the same time.

Example: When we go to a hair stylist, the service of 'haircut' is being consumed by us, while it is being produced by the hair stylist. One cannot just give his head to a hairstylist and ask the hairstylist to give it a haircut and then collect the head later. This can be done in case of a laundry. ,one can just give the clothes to a cleaner and ask him to keep them ready for him to collect later. Thus, simultaneity is applicable to few services. Simultaneity is also known as inseparability. Simultaneity makes it difficult to separate marketing, customer service. Example: A hair stylist will give two customers two different haircuts. But simultaneity of service will ensure that both the customers are equally happy with the service. The same standards of quality need to be applied to both the given customers.

Simultaneity is an important factor that differentiates the service from goods or products. Thus, simultaneity is an important aspect of services marketing and should be kept in mind while designing services and the grades of services.

Customer feedbacks and experiences may be useful in determining the degree of simultaneity of a service. Some customers tend to associate a service they have received with the entire company or brand. They tend to associate the overall standards of quality of a company with the individual experience they have had with the company. Therefore, it is very important for a company to concentrate on the aspect of simultaneity.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Simultaneity along with its overview.

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