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What is Rural Marketing?

Rural marketing is a practise of assessing, persuading and converting the needs, wants, purchasing power of the customers into effective demand for products and service out for sale which would help in sufficing the requirements of people in the rural areas and thus increase the satisfaction levels as well as standard of living. There are many reasons which prove the potential of these rural markets.

Some of these are enlisted below-

a) Huge market size

b) Growth in rural consumption levels

c) Changing lifestyles

d) Rural market is not that expensive as compared to the urban markets

e) Rural market growth rate is higher as compared to urban market

Despite of the huge potential there are N number of problems in this rural market. Some of these are-

a) Multiple dialects & languages

b) Lack of power & other basic amenities

c) Under developed crowd

d) Limited media coverage & hence lesser marketing options

e) Transportation & warehousing problems

Rural marketing strategy is based on AAA – Availability, Accessibility and Affordability. Availability tells about the status of distribution channels, accessibility focuses on the pricing techniques based on the consumers’ standard of living, affordability lays emphasis on the consumers’ willingness to buy that product or service.

Personal selling is extensively used in rural marketing as against other tools of marketing communication. All the communication in rural markets is designed and developed in the regional dialects. Retailers play a very important part in establishing the market for the product & work in line with its sales team.

Examples: - coca cola rural campaign, ITC has a Choupal Sagar, Godrej Agrovet has large retail stores, etc.

Above is shown a complete model of consumer behaviour resulting in purchase and different outcomes in a rural market.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Rural Marketing along with its overview.

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