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What is Brand Association?

Brand association is a linkage which a buyer forms in one's mind with the brand. Brand association does not mean the benefits but these are more intangible in nature. The customers form association on the perception they have about the product/service.

Brand association can be positive or negative. Every brand wants to associate itself with something positive. E.g. A restaurant would like associations like good taste and superior quality. Whereas a airlines brand would want punctuality and comfort.

The degree of association is also important here. Competitors might have similar brand associations but the degree or extent of one might be less or more than the other.

Negative brand associations are something every company would avoid.

Importance of Brand Association

Every company wants its products to be associated with something good and related to their line of business. If a customer sees the brand as positive, this would directly lead to improved sales. If the association is negative, the business would not rise or rather fall.

Brand Association Formation

It can be formed in various ways like:

1. Logo

A half-bitten apple for Apple

2. Colour scheme

Yellow and Red for McDonalds


Symphony for Titan


‘Just Do It’ for Nike

5.Mascot / Celebrity Sponsor

The Amul girl for Amul

6.Features of the product

The “Thanda matlab Coca-cola” tried to associate the feature of the product (cold) with the brand (Coca-cola) and to a large extent succeeded.

7. Price of the product

Cheap or costly

8. Customer Experience

Great or not good

In extreme cases, the entire product category is associated with a brand. When a consumer asks for a product by the specific brand name rather than the general name, the consumer is making a brand association.

For example, some brand associations to their products are as follows:




Mineral Water


Antiseptic Liquid


Adhesive bandages




Image editing


Online search


Excavators and diggers


Sticky notes

Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Association along with its overview.

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