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Marketing Campaign - Meaning & Definition

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What is Marketing Campaign?

A marketing campaign is a series of activities carried out by a company for informing, reminding or persuading its target audience about its product or service. These activities are well-planned and coordinated, being executed through various mediums like T.V, radio, and print media and Internet. Apart from these mass communication mediums, certain on-ground activities may also be run in order to promote the company’s product or service.

A marketing campaign can use one or more of the following communication mediums:


Sales promotion


Public relations

Targeted marketing

Word of mouth

Personal selling

T.V ads

Contests and games

Sport events



Viral marketing

Trade shows



Award functions



Social media campaigns


Posters and billboards



Annual reports



Personalized sales presentations

In-store displays



Press releases




A marketing campaign is a method of establishing a dialogue with the consumer, gaining customer loyalty and thus building brand equity through increased awareness of the product or service. However, most of the times, a marketing campaign is planned and executed with a certain marketing objective in mind, which can be one of the following:


A. Communicating how a new product launched by the company meets a need which is unsatisfied till now

B. Increasing brand awareness, so that consumers recall the brand when making a purchase in a product category

C. Showing how a product solves a problem

D. Increasing purchase intention through promotional offers and schemes


Lifebuoy’s “Help a child Reach 5” marketing campaign is one of the most successful marketing campaigns of recent times, started with an objective of increasing awareness about the importance of a simple habit of washing hands in preventing a global disease like diarrhoea, which kills around 2 million children globally even before the reach the age of 5.

This habit was directly connected to Lifebuoy products like soaps, liquid hand washes and sanitizers, thus communicating the role Lifebuoy can play in killing disease causing germs. The campaign was launched through a hard hitting video ad showcasing the story of a man called Gondappa from Thesgora village in India, which was adopted by Lifebuoy to run its campaign. The video has received 19 million views on YouTube till date. This was supported by on ground activities where Lifebuoy teams went to schools and households in the village, to conduct sessions on importance of washing hands. A dedicated Facebook application (on the Lifebuoy page) and a YouTube video channel were set up to support the campaign online.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Campaign along with its overview.

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