Blind Box Ad

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Definition: Blind Box Ad

It is an advertisement which has no identification of the organization that has advertised it. The advertisement shows no details about the organization or the person that has placed the advertisement. These types of advertisements usually include only the contact number or any post-office box number for reference or any sort of contact. Blind-box advertisements are often found in the newspapers or the online help-wanted advertisements. These types of advertisements are illegal in most of the states. These blind-box ads provide the kind of privacy needed for a variety of reasons.

There might be a case where an organization wants to terminate a top level employee but wishes to find its replacement first, in order to avoid any negative impact or any sort of hard feelings. The blind ad can actually generate applicant pool without making others aware about the fact that the firm is hiring. Such kind of job offers are dependent upon the confidentiality. This is also known as confidential job opening. The company can also place a blind ad as there might be large number of applicants for that job opening and the company doesn’t want to be contacted by the applicants for any sort of follow up. These ads are also placed to increase the number of applicant population in the database of different recruitment firms or other organizations. There is always a strategy or any other crucial reason behind placing blind ads.



- The blind ad enables the organization to remain anonymous in case it decides not to fill the position for which they placed the blind advertisement.

- The blind ad helps the employee to remain unidentified and receive job offers from the employers.

- The blind ad gives worker a chance to test the employment market without taking the risk of getting caught by his or her current employer.


- This is considered to be unethical by the staffing firms and recruiters.

- It can result in misuse of the resume around town without our knowledge.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Blind Box Ad along with its overview.

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