Product Characteristics

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Definition: Product Characteristics

Product Characteristic can be characterized to finish the meaning of an item utilizing variations. Product Characteristics are properties that can be added to the item definition to broaden the depiction of each product. Examples of Characteristics are Size, Color, Quality, Shape or Weight. These qualities can be utilized later to channel or inquiry items.

Once the meaning of the attributes are made these can be alloted to an item and then make different items or SKU taking into account this Generic Product and its qualities. This is a bland item where basic properties like expense or costs are characterized. As a matter of course items acquire every one of the properties of the Generic Product, for example, duties, costs, and so on. They can be overridden on every item.

The characteristics taken into consideration are mentioned in the figure above. They are item number, designation, color, size, weight and price. There can also be other characteristics apart from the above-mentioned ones. A subset is a collection of values of a Product Characteristic

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Characteristics along with its overview.

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