Floor Ready Merchandise (FRM) - Meaning & Definition

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What is Floor Ready Merchandise (FRM)?

Floor-Ready Merchandise can be defined as the merchandise that is pre-tagged, pre ticketed and pre-occupied with all the necessary details and information such as marked to their specifications for style, size, type, color and price, this information is required in the retail store and is done before it reaches the retail store. 

The aim is to present it, in the way it is to be displayed in the store, thus giving it a real time feel and the shopper’s experience. To protect it from theft, we can also include security tags in the merchandise. Through the electronic processes, goods are placed on the shop floor speedily, thereby improving service levels to the retailers and their customers, with minimal work being performed by the retailer’s employees, thus managing the time well.

The responsibility is negotiated between the retailer and the supplier for the particular activities.

Implementation of proper floor ready merchandising key pipeline improvements may occur, such as:

• Increased efficiency - garments are bar-coded and scanned for increasing efficiency via tracking and control.

• Increased productivity - Clothing moves faster, easier and at a lower cost.

• Increased accuracy - Data key entry errors are eliminated thus, saving the time and money required to correct them.

• Increased business - On-time, on-target deliveries provide the competitive edge needed to gain more business via reduce costs.

Challenges to FRM:

There are some problems which are encountered with the Floor-Ready Merchandise system. Various troubles are faced keeping up with the high-volume tagging requirements and the previous barcode printers were not able to keep up with the demand. The printers kept on breaking down. When tagging is done in upwards fashion of approx. 10 million products every year, any anomaly in the end flow can back up the production line and shut the system down.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Floor Ready Merchandise (FRM) along with its overview.

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