External Dimension - Meaning & Definition

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What is External Dimension?

External dimension can be simply understood as the perspective or the aspect that comes from outside sources or which does not come from within the organization. For example, demand from consumers, government policies and regulations, environmental factors, international factors, etc. It is very crucial when we need to consider an outside perspective, which gives a completely new outlook to the existing situation.

The word ‘external’ means seen, located or used on outside or surface of something. While ‘dimension’ means a measurable quantity or extent that depicts the degree to or the range to which something extends, it is also considered as one of the elements, attributes, aspects, which make up an entity, situation, item or phenomenon.

There are often situation when an organization needs to consider out of the box thinking and the external dimension comes to rescue. External dimensions can also be the external factors that affect the organization in a positive or a negative way, as anything that affects the organization from outside it. There are external dimensions in most of the sectors such as in business expansion, in justice and home affairs, experiments, etc.

The external dimensions is very crucial in the important decision making of process of the organization, as it gives the idea about the external factors affecting the decision or the influence that an external dimension has over a decision. Whenever an organization plan to expand, it needs to consider all the external dimensions equally important before taking the final step of expansion by analyzing all the external dimensions very carefully.


Hence, this concludes the definition of External Dimension along with its overview.

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