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What is Sales Kit?

Sales kit is a folder containing information about the company and the products. It generally consists of general sales promotion material which might help a sales person or individual win new customers. It is generally sales support material and can be generic or customised as per the clients, but the general constituents more or less remain constant.

As it is a key ingredient to market a business; it comes in handy when you come across potential clients, follow up on leads and meet people on trade shows, conventions and other industry events. The package can be customised for different prospects and explains the company, its business, points out the points of difference from the competitors, and details about the products and services on offer. A sales kit can be considered to carry and contribute towards your brand image as well, so proper packaging and folder is quintessential. You should generally adopt a professionally designed and branded folder of a standard size carrying the company’s logo and your business card. The design can be basic or ornate on the basis of field of business, creative businesses might prefer ornate appearance while some others may prefer simple packaging.

Now considering the things to be kept inside, all the material which can help convert the sales should be kept in the folder, which can be removed by the salesperson as per the individual or customer being catered.

The list of possible contents is mentioned herein:

Sales Letter: A standard sales letter on company letterhead acts as a basic sales pitch. The letter is fairly generic but modified a bit based on the desired or the expected clientele to carry certain specifics.

Informational Company Brochure: It will help in highlighting the history of the company, the vision and mission, industry experience, business history, locations, capabilities, people in management, Features and benefits of your business which make you unique or different

Services/products, industries/consumers & processes overview brochure: It will highlight the products and services you offer with the types of customer requirements you serve. It highlights the products, service, targeted clientele, your service promise, the processes you use (industrial production, discussion mechanisms and frameworks, etc.) and the customer service

Individual Services and product sales sheets: In case the person is inclined towards a particular service or product, you can use this sheet to highlight the benefits or features of that service or product in order to aid the purchase.

Individual Industry or Customer Sales Sheet: In case your product or services are directed towards a particular industry or individual you can have customised sales brochure for them highlighting your services and know-how of the industry and the customer understanding.

Other: Recent and relevant press releases, industry publications, News about awards and recognition, Client testimonial, Industry analysis and long term impact based studies, and digital sales presentations, in form of PPTs, audio, CD, DVD, etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Kit along with its overview.

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