External Audience - Meaning & Importance

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What is External Audience?

External audience comprises of individuals or groups outside and not closely related to the organisation. Business communication by a company or for a product is generally targeted towards a specific audience. A certain classification on the basis of the targeted audience can be internal or external audience. On the other hand, the internal audience term refers to individuals or groups within (or closely associated with) an organization like stakeholders, board of directors or employees or colleagues.

Understanding the target audience enables the organisation to define its value proposition. By defining the external audience within the target audience, we can shift our attention to examining important information about each of the groups present within the target audience. The opposite of external audience is internal audience.

Importance of External Audience

The relationship between your association's proposition and the intended interest group can be somewhat complicated for social undertakings because of the scope of outside partners. External audience & stakeholders are typically people or organisations that affect or are affected by your organisation. Recognizing the external stakeholders permits you to characterize the target audience(s), in this way you can characterize your message or proposition to the intended audience. External stakeholders can be characterized into target groups, target suppliers and operating environment.

Understanding the target groups requires an in depth understanding and analysis. The understanding of the target audience involves:

1) Determining the size of the target audience

2) Segmenting the audience into small recognisable segments based on certain similar characteristics

3) Trends or patterns showcased by the target audience

4) Determine the needs and characteristics of the target groups to develop customized or distinct message for the audience

For the other category of stakeholders, the target suppliers i.e. grant makers, local authority commissioners etc. and the operating environment i.e. local community, regulators, statutory services, etc.) it is important to understand the characteristics, needs and prevailing trends among these stakeholders.

Hence, this concludes the definition of External Audience along with its overview.

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