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What is Brand Messaging?

Brand messaging refers to every communication which makes a buyer relate to the brand by influencing them, motivating them and propelling them to buy the product. It’s the message that tells why your brand matters, what is its value proposition, and how it is different from the competitors. A firm that don’t have a proper brand message fails to differentiate itself in the market. Therefore, a good brand messaging takes the brand strategy and positioning to a new height.


Brand message is the core message around which other marketing ideas are implemented. The press releases, logos, slogans, taglines, mission statements, elevator pitch etc. are all dependent on the brand message that a firm wants to stage to the audience.


How to decide your brand message?

The answer to such question is by looking at your brand from triangular framework perspective. The framework looks at the brand from three point of view: customer POV, insider POV and competitor POV.


Customer POV: In order to get a clear picture on customer needs, every firm should have surveyed data based on market research which could tell about the pain points of customer. Once the pain points are clear, customer centered messaging can be done more easily.


Insider POV: This views the brand from an insider’s perspective. As an insider, where do you see the brand after one year down the line or five years down the line? What is the vision of your brand?


Competitor POV: It tries to find out what are the key differentiators of your brand from the rival brand? What extra value you provide to the customers?


Many a times, people use brand messages and taglines in exchange of one another. But, brand message is a superset of all those ideas which connects customer with the brand.

The following are few taglines or slogans of well known brands.

Kodak: Share moments. Share life.

Nokia: Connecting people.

Pepsi: The taste of a new generation.

Gillette: The best a man can get.

eBay: The world’s online marketplace.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Messaging along with its overview.

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