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Definition: Handbill

A handbill is essentially an advertisement service which is printed on a small sheet, for the purpose of handing it over to customers manually. These handbills are usually used to advertise sales goods, services, and other types of commercial businesses, by individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses or Governments. Handbills gene rally do not include newspaper ads. Handbills are also commonly referred to as flyers, leaflets, pamphlets or circulars.

This type of marketing for products/ services could prove to be cost efficient as compared to other means such as television advertising, for small businesses.

However, while preparing a handbill marketing strategy, a proper distribution strategy must also be chalked out, since poor distribution or distribution which is not properly targeted could prove to be costly for the business. So factors such as demographics of the target audience must be taken into account.

Also, there should be a clear idea about the ideal dimensions of the handbills to be handed out.

For example, handbills are commonly used by new restaurants when they open. They distribute handbills around the locality, informing these potential customers about the whereabouts and other details of these new places, and also any promotional discounts that they may be offering to them.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Handbill along with its overview.

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