Sales Call Frequency - Definition & Meaning

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What is Sales Call Frequency?

Sales call frequency can be defined as the number of sales calls made over a specified time period, to particular customers.It has been seen from researches that were carried out in the past that an increased call frequency usually has a positive relationship up to a certain level with the sales volume; the customer’s perceived service quality and value for money, and with the overall satisfaction of the customer.

Generally, sales people should consider and introspect whether the call frequency is too high or low. If call frequency is too low, it might result in loss of sales. If the call frequency is too high, it is possible that there could be wastage of time as well as money, by calling the same customer too many times, so aiming at the ideal value of call frequency is essential to the success of the team.

The call frequency should be estimated from various factors, such as the location and the potential of a particular client, and also the product that is being described. Estimates which have been obtained from past data can be used to assess the sales potential of a client. While setting the call frequency, there are also other factors which may be considered, such as the typical length of each call. The non-selling time required should also be considered.

So for implementing this, the first step should be to keep a track on the number of calls that are placed by salespeople. This can be done by many methods, such as implementing a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Computer programs are available these days to assist in determining the best sales call frequency and the call pattern so as to maximize the sales and minimize costs.

Also, by setting a call frequency beforehand, it becomes easier for the salespersons to plan and schedule their calls with the customers. Also, call frequencies can be set based on whether the company wants aggressive calling or whether it wants to opt for conservative calling.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Call Frequency along with its overview.

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