Copy-Fitting - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: June 02, 2016

What is Copy-Fitting?

Copy fitting is the procedure of fitting the required content, text or copy in the space provided. Whenever the page size is too small or too large for the content many techniques are used for adjusting the content into the desired space.

If your page size is small a person can reduce the fonts size or decrease the spacing between the lines.

If it’s an Image the person may either reduce the size of the image or may also crop irrelevant parts of the image.

So a person has to look at the content and then understand what kind of technique will be most suitable for adjusting it to the desired space. This is very important from the perspective of newspaper advertisement where each product/brand has to decide the size of the advertisement (according to their budget) and then decide the size of the image, what font to use and in what size, How much space to be provided between lines and so on.

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