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Regional Sales Manager - Meaning & Definition

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What is Regional Sales Manager?

Regional sales manager (RSM) is the person responsible for the sales of the products, marketing activities, brand awareness etc (especially related to B2C and B2B organizations) in his/her region. This position belongs to the middle management. It is one of the most crucial position in every organization.

There are multiple responsibilities that regional sales manager should perform they are:

1. Strategy

• Planning to be No.1 business in the region in terms of revenue, profits, customer satisfaction etc.

• Setting business targets for next year and planning on how to achieve them.

• Helping corporate office in strategic decision making for his/her region.

2. Distribution

• Maintaining good relationship with distributors and planning on incentivizing them on the basis of meeting the targets.

• Making sure that the goods reach the distributors in time.

• Payment of dues if any with distributors and stockiest.

• Selecting right kind of distributor and retailers to sell the product

• Ability to cancel the license of any distributor incase of violation of rules.

3. Human Resource

• Take leadership stand whenever team requires and assist them on how to proceed in case of crisis.

• Motivate the team to achieve targets and incentivize accordingly.

• Conduct team building and training activities to improve the skill sets of employees.

• Organize induction program for new joiners.

• Recruit correct sales staff whenever there is requirement.

• Plan future hiring as well as perform appraisal of sub ordinates.

4. Sales and Marketing

• Periodic assess the feedback of customers and take necessary actions.

• Plan for more penetration and venture into new territories.

• Plan and strategize on promotions to be done in the region.

• Conduct events and sponsor local events to improve public relation.

• Set targets for distributors and area sales managers.

5. Analysis

• Prepare periodic expense, income statements, sales statement, inventory list.

• Plan and implement ways to increase sales and reducing expenses.

• Help top executives implement new strategies in his/her region.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Regional Sales Manager along with its overview.

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