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What is Balloon Test?

Balloon Test or Cartoon test is a marketing research technique where a respondent is shown a cartoon with two characters in conversation. While the balloon over one of the character is filled up the balloon over the other respondent is left blank and the respondent is asked to fill up the blank balloon.

Advantage of Balloon test

1. It helps to remove any bias that may creep in due to the subjectivity of the researcher.

2. Balloon test is a projective technique and hence this is real world simulation which is missing from interviews and surveys

3. It helps to identify the latent factors that may not be visible in a survey or a questionnaire.

4. It is more engaging for the respondent due to infographics, a feature that may be missing from a traditional survey or questionnaire.

Disadvantages of Balloon test

1. It may not bring out the latent factors that a researcher may be looking for.

2. It is not very comprehensive when compared to survey, interviews or group interviews

3. Due to use of infographic a balloon test may require many cartoons to cover all aspect of the survey. This may be cumbersome for both the researcher and respondent.

Example of Balloon test


Let us suppose a bank X wants to install an ATM in a locality. It wants to conduct a survey and the method it adopts is balloon test. The above cartoon shows a survey where the respondent is asked to fill up the empty balloon over the woman’s head. The answer of the different respondents are analysed to arrive at a particular conclusion and different attributes relating to the location of the ATM are evaluated.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Balloon Test along with its overview.

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