Mail Questionnaire

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Definition: Mail Questionnaire

Mail questionnaire is a form of questionnaire which is mailed to targeted individuals, which has a collection of questions on a particular topic asked to them as a part of interview or survey which is used for conducting research on that topic. Questions asked in questionnaire are generally dependent on knowledge of targeted individuals and are related to topic under research.

The advantages of mail questionnaire is that identity of individual filling the responses of questionnaire can be kept anonymous thus getting genuine replies from respondent. Also biasness in answers due to interviewer can be avoided. Mail questionnaire has more geographical reach and many respondents who otherwise could not have been part of survey can also reply their views in it. With no interviewer required manpower requirement is less and also mail questionnaire technique is less time and money consuming compared to interviews.

As every coin has two sides mail questionnaire has its fair share of disadvantages. The response rate of mail questionnaire is very less as respondents are having no incentive for taking the questionnaire. Also most of the times mail questionnaire land up in Spam box of respondent and ignore it. Mail questionnaire questions can be interpreted differently by different individuals and may lead to ambiguity in responses. Respondents also can’t ask any doubts in mail questionnaire and generally leave the questionnaire partially filled. Such partially filled questionnaire and low response rates of mail questionnaire does not give any concrete response of targeted individuals on the topic under consideration and so mail questionnaire has to be coupled with other research techniques.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Mail Questionnaire along with its overview.


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