Pioneering Strategy - Definition & Meaning

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What is Pioneering Strategy?

Pioneering strategy is one where a company has the first mover advantage in an industry and uses that advantage to gain a large market share. The pioneer in any market has to defend its place in the market from competitors that follow it and has to keep up with the technology/trends or whatever is important to defend its market share. There are other advantages of capturing the distribution channels and increasing reach without interference of any competitor in the market.

The buzz and the brand loyalty that a brand can build by being a pioneer can be amazing and it can use this to its advantage to outperform other competitor when they enter the markets.

For Example:- Nokia had a key advantage in the Cellphone industry as it was a pioneer and it had the largest market share in India for several years but it lagged in technology from the new players like Samsung and had to loose on market share.

Another Example:- Mango frooti was a pioneer in the mango drinks industry in India. The market advantage was such that for several years all mango drinks were referred to as frooti even if they were of different brands.

Similar Pioneer advantage has been achieved by several other brands such as coca cola, Levi Strauss Etc. and these were able to outperform their competitors for several years and still have an advantage over them.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Pioneering Strategy along with its overview.

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