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What is End Aisle Display?

End-aisle display refers to point of purchase advertising of products at the end of shelf rows in a mall, shop, supermarket etc. Aisle is place of walking between the rows. End-aisle display is a retail marketing buzzword, which is a kind of the promotional strategy generally in the big malls, supermarkets and departmental stores. It In marketing, end aisle refers to the end of passages in departmental stores that are between the huge racks filled with various kinds of products. So placing the product at end aisle shall increase the visibility of the product which in turn will increase the sales of the product.

End aisle display is generally done for those products that has heavy discounts or for the products that are luxurious and expensive. Such kind of promotions provides a competitive advantage to the manufactures. Therefore, manufactures are ready to invest more in promotions in order to get the end aisle shelves in various stores. As a marketer one should not target the end aisle to display its product rather they should purchase a small space of shelf anywhere in the store and later can move to larger shelf spaces before moving into end-aisle display.

Mostly, people think price is a big factor for purchase of a product but in real sense, end aisle display plays a crucial role in increase of sales volume of any product. It changes the buying behavior of shoppers.

Example: We must have seen fizzy drinks and beverages being displayed at end of aisle. This is the reason why shoppers purchase these products even if knowing that they are not much need of it. Sometimes discounts like” Buy 1 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 2 for 99” attracts these shoppers to buy the product.

Hence, this concludes the definition of End Aisle Display along with its overview.

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