Product Form

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Definition: Product Form

Product form gives specific type of products within a category and contains different groups that combine together to form the product category. These groups not only contain the products that deal with basic utility but also contains some extra benefits along with the basic utilities. It is a level is a narrower level and it falls under the product category. It has more information about a product compared to the product category.

Example of product form can be hybrid cars. They solve the basic utility that is personal motorized transportation. Also it gives some extra features that gives the manufacturer an added advantage like fuel efficiency and ecofriendly etc.

A product from start of the launch to becoming outdated goes through various phases which are commonly known as the Product life cycle (PLC). There are various levels of analysis of PLC. One of the level of analysis is product category and other level of analysis is product form.

Product category level is the broader level of market. It deals with the general features of the products. It is the basic utility of a product. For example owning a vehicle solves the desire of having a personal motorized transportation. The vehicle can be motorcycle, four wheeler like bus, car etc.

There can unique PLC for each group of products. Marketers should do a PLC analysis at this level also because by this analysis they could get an idea about the specific features that their product lags or is unique. This helps improve the product better.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Product Form along with its overview.

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