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What is Leaflet?

A leaflet can be defined as a marketing tool which can be easily carried and handled and is used to influence customer buying decision. Leaflets are primarily printed papers containing information about the brand, products or service offerings, and used to provide information to the customer.

Types of Leaflet

In the days of traditional marketing leaflet were printed on paper and distributed among the masses. However, with the advent of digital medium leaflet have also changed their avatar. They have also gone digital. They give important information about the product, service, contact information etc. They are widely used to give details about product i.e. specifications, important features etc.

Example of a leaflet:

Advantages of leaflet

1. They are a cheap and effective means of reaching the customers.

2. They can carry specific messages directed towards the customers.

Relevance in today’s world

In the today’s world where customer come across a such large no of advertisement it is imperative for the marketer to direct the specific message to those people who have an interest in the product. 

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