Marketing Communication Campaign - Definition & Meaning

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What is Marketing Communication Campaign?

Marketing communication campaign refers to actions and activities that are aimed at promoting particular product, business or services by spreading a specific message through different media of promotion like television, print media, internet, etc. designed step by step beforehand and in a planned way during a particular time period. It is not just about advertising but it also includes exhibitions, tactics to promote word of mouth and other techniques to make people aware about the product or service.

Why Marketing Communication Campaign?

In today’s competitive market with hundreds of companies present in the market, the customers have plethora of options to buy. Hence, it is possible for any company to get lost in the crowd and become unnoticeable. To avoid this, companies do marketing campaigns to make their presence felt in the market and stay in the minds of customer. It also helps them to remain competitive among others. Integrated marketing communications uses all media channels effectively to enhance reach of the brand through advertising.

Points to be considered before any Marketing Communication Campaign -

• Knowledge of Customer Segment: The Target audience must be well known before any campaign so that it is most effective. For Ex- Promotion of 4G should be done among young people as they are the biggest consumers of data. Promoting 4G among senior citizen will not cash in any revenue.

• Media Platform: Which channel to use is also very vital. For Ex- You don’t need social media like Facebook or twitter to promote your product if your target audience is rural people.

• Clear Message: The message should be clear and easily understandable for the audience. Vague communication will not lead to any sales. For Ex- Indigo Tag line ‘On Time’ clearly states the punctuality of the flights

• Review of the Campaign: The campaign should be reviewed at regular intervals and in the end to measure the success or failure of the campaign so that better strategy is made for future campaigns.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Marketing Communication Campaign along with its overview.

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