Emergency Goods - Definition & Example

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What is Emergency Goods?

Emergency goods are those products which a customer buys in case of an emergency or an absolute urgent requirement and for which he / she had not done any planning. Emergency goods are purchased by a customer instantly during an emergency or during a critical need for a product. These products are relatively easy to find at local shops and are easily available.

Every time a person buys a product, they do a thorough research and plan well before making a purchase. But in case of emergency goods, the need arises abruptly and the customer has no option but to purchase the product. There is nothing very unique or special about these products, but it is the timing that makes these products very useful and critical for a customer.

Emergency goods, along with staple goods (staples) and impulse goods are collectively known as convenience goods or a convenience product. These are available at almost all groceries, supermarkets etc, which are also referred to as convenience stores.

Examples of emergency goods

Emergency products get their name from the sheer fact that they are require at a time of crisis. These products solve the immediate and urgent need of a customer. Some examples of emergency goods are mentioned below:

1. Umbrellas and raincoats become extremely essential when it suddenly starts raining on a bright and sunny day. A person can not be prepared for a rain everyday. But if it starts pouring, a person has to purchase a raincoat or an umbrella to ensure that they do not get wet. Thus they are known as emergency goods.

2. Torches and candles are emergency products when suddenly lights go out. In India, a lot of villages still have shortage of electricity, and a sudden outage means that there is darkness. It is then that people buy a torch or candle in an emergency.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Emergency Goods along with its overview.

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