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What is Broadcast Television?

Broadcast Television is a form of broadcasting radio signals from transmitters to antenna receivers that produces video images through TV which can be tuned by people and prescribed by the OTA TV stations producing large number of autonomous channels with dissimilar frequencies. Broadcast TV comprises of all of the programs which are distributed to viewers tuned in to the proper channel and is used effectively for marketing & advertising. These broadcasts, both audio and video, are sent out over the airwaves to an audience with a television set. Broadcast Television is also referred to as “OVER THE AIR” (OTA) TV.

Importance of the Broadcast Television in Marketing

Presently, TV is the largest mass communication system after Mobiles with internet that can update you with the present scenario of the whole world in seconds at your finger tips with complete descriptions to the whole topic. Broadcast Television is one of the oldest medium of communication between the marketers and the target audience. There are advertisements slots fitted in within TV programs which can be taken up by companies. Price is charged as per the duration of the Ad and the number of times it is broadcasted.

Hence companies look to shorten the duration but provide crispy intelligent ads that appeal and engage the customers. Again, innovation is primarily important here. But the duration of TV Ads is noticeably shorter than online ads. This is because customers don’t have the option to switch or skip in TV and hence a full concept could be rolled out. TV Ads are particularly useful for marketing against the rural population and the aged. GRP or the Gross Rating Point is the standard measure of the advertising impact and reach. It is calculated as the % of target market reached * Exposure frequency. Broadcast television is one of the main advertising media tools of integrated marketing communications (IMC). Companies use TV marketing strategies like Direct Response Television, Pay-per-view television etc to reach to customers.

Types of Broadcast Television

Broadcast Television

Some of the different types of broadcast television are as mentioned below:

1. Analog Television (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)

2. Digital Broadcast (DTT, Mobile video)

3. Enhanced TV

4. Hybrid Broadcast Broadband

Working of Broadcast Television

TV discovered by J.L Baird in 1927 has become the eventual source of mass communication these days. In TV industry there are two types of TV systems-Commercial and Non-Commercial TV system. It is controlled by FCC i.e., Federal communications Commission. Broadcast Television industry is distinguished into-Production, Distribution and Exhibition. Telecom industry allows a person or organization to have unlimited number of TV stations. A TV station is alienated into five departments-Sales, Engineering, Production/Programming, News and Administration. Broadcast Television is the network diagram of broadcasting where TV stations generate the specified radio frequency signals via transmitter that amplifies the signals to cover large distance coverage. Then it is received by the satellite which helps connect TV stations to their customers in large numbers having receivers as antenna connected to their TV which again converts the analog signal produced by transmitter into digital signal to allow viewing.

Example of Broadcast Television

Some examples of Broadcast Television in real life are as follows. Almost all companies have been promoting commercial ads on television since decades. The FMCG sector and automobiles sector and other such sectors which are involved in B2C business use this mode primarily for mass communication. Service Sector industries in food and e-commerce may use internet pages and mobile apps as primary mode for communication. IT and Pharmaceutical sector are usually B2B businesses and hence their ads could never be found broadcasting ads on TV.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Broadcast Television along with its overview.

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