Brand Personality - Meaning & Importance

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What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality is a metric used in marketing for measuring the uniqueness & features of a brand and associating them with human characteristics. Brand personality dimensions defined by Aaker evaluate a brand on parameters like sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication and ruggedness, each of which have several attributes in them. These personality traits of a brand are a result of the perceptions made by consumers.


Importance of Brand Personality

There are several factors which help define a brand. The most important factor is the product, its usage, need and the price. A high quality product which justifies its price by offering a high value will always make a good brand. Other brand elements like brand name, logo, positioning, marketing communication etc. all value to the brand. Based on how customers see the product, they form a perception about a brand or product. This association is often equated with human characteristics, which is known as brand personality. Brand personality helps a company evaluate how positively or negatively consumers perceive their product and brand, and against which parameters.


Brand Personality Dimensions by Aaker

Jennifer Aaker had developed a brand personality model in the year 1997. The brand personality dimensions are similar to characteristics which define a person. These parameters can be explained as-



A brand can be categorized as sincere if it has characteristics like down-to-earth, wholesome, honest and cheerful.


Brands which are imaginative, spirited, contemporary & daring in showcasing their products.


Reliable, successful and intelligence are a few competence parameters of brand personality


Classy, charming and smooth are parameters associated with sophisticated parameters.


Toughness and masculinity are other characteristics which define brand personality of a product or brand.

These parameters are further divided into different attributes which are shown in the chart below-

Hence, this concludes the definition of Brand Personality along with its overview.

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