Information Search

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Definition: Information Search

Information search process was suggested by Carol Kuhlthau in 1991 which talks about the behavior of the user searching for the information and the process followed. The six stages of the process are as follows:

  • Initiation: In this stage the user feels a need for the information and is still not sure regarding the source of information and the proceedings.
  • Selection: In this stage the user is sure of the information source and proceeds as per his requirements
  • Exploration: In this stage user looks for the information and updates his knowledge base and tries to satisfy the requirements
  • Formulation: In this stage the information is gathered by the user and the process of evaluation starts. User analyse the collected information to get the desired outcomes
  • Collection: In this stage user is with all the processed information and they do the task of collecting the desired information
  • Search Closure:  After the collection of the information and meting the requirements the user summarizes the information and completes the process information search.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Information Search along with its overview.

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