Sales Force

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Definition: Sales Force

Definition: -A direct (company) sales force consists of full or part time paid employees who work exclusively for the company.

Whereas a Contractual sales force consists of manufacturer’s rep, sales agents and brokers who earn commission based on the sales.

The inside sales personnel conduct business from the office through communication via phone or email and receive visits from prospective buyers. Whereas field sales personnel travel and visit customers.

Role of sales force: -

  • Create awareness and generate quick product uptake
  • Penetrate deeper into the existing market segments and also develop new ones
  • Focus on efficiently serving and retaining existing consumers
  • Give emphasis on efficiency, protect critical and loyal customers, exit from unprofitable segments

Example: -

The Dominos sales force is the best example which delivers the ordered Pizza in 30 minutes. They take the order on the phone (inside sales personnel) and the order is delivered within 30 minutes to the customer by the field sales personnel.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Sales Force along with its overview.

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