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What is Strategic Intent Hamel Prahalad?

Gary Hamel and C.K. Prahalad wrote an article called strategic intent that got published in Harward business Review in 1989 and hence the concept became popular. The article says that to achieve success the company should connect its ends to its means through Strategic Intent.

It has three attributes namely:

        I.            Sense of direction: It implies that the long term goals and targets must be set by keeping a long term picture of the market in consideration and at any point of time the company should know in which direction they are heading to.

      II.            Sense of discovery: It implies that the company should be competitive and should have the potential of making new discoveries.

    III.            Sense of destiny: It also has an emotional touch to it and says that the destiny also plays a major role in the success or failure of the company.

Strategic Intent Process has three steps in it:

        I.            Setting up of the strategic intent: The above three attributes comes under this.

      II.            Setting up of the challenges: It includes identification of the challenges and communicating to the whole company. These challenges lead to enhanced performance.

    III.            Empowerment: empowering the employees is a key in enhancing performance; it gives the employees a sense of responsibility and accountability towards the work.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Strategic Intent Hamel Prahalad along with its overview.

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