Strategic Triangle Ohmae - Meaning & Definition

Published by MBA Skool Team, Last Updated: May 05, 2012

What is Strategic Triangle Ohmae ?

Kenichi Ohmae is a famous Japanese strategy guru who devised The Strategic Triangle of 3C’s. When it comes to strategy the three main stakeholders for any business are:

 strategic triangle

When a business strategy is formulated, these 3 C’s are kept into consideration, the first and the foremost is the corporation, the corporation should have a well-defined mission and vision which is in line with the welfare of other stakeholders of the company, then comes its customers, it is said that the customer is the ultimate king and its true as well and hence the strategy to satisfy, retain and attract new customers is vital to the growth of the company, then comes the competitors, in today’s world, the competition is very high in almost every industry, the strategy should be devised in such a way that the competition is healthy and the business remains sustainable.


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