Sense-of-Mission Marketing

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Definition: Sense-of-Mission Marketing

Sense-of-Mission Marketing is essentially a principle of marketing that states that an organization must define its mission in such a way that it has a broader social context rather than being merely product oriented.

This concept has led to a new generation of activist entrepreneurs who are essentially trained business managers with a sense of social responsibility and passion for a bigger cause.


The most popular example of this would be of the Dove Campaign.  After a research conducted by Unilever which revealed that only 2% of the 3300 women and girls surveyed across the world felt that they were beautiful, Unilever decided to redefine the concept of beauty.


The underlying mission of this campaign was to discover “Real beauty” and to help women be happy with the way they are. The advertisement contained confident and bold women of all types instead of regular models to echo the message of “normal is the new beautiful”.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Sense-of-Mission Marketing along with its overview.

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