Dialectical Inquiry - Meaning & Definition

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What is Dialectical Inquiry?

It is a type of qualitative research method, where various ideas and perspectives are tested. The research is used to develop new understandings rather than testing set hypothesis. Also, the research is idea oriented and not data oriented.

In dialectical research all possible view points and contradicting ideas are taken into consideration. These are analysed thoroughly before reaching to any conclusion. Hence, this provides various advantages like-

-          The inclusion of various viewpoints means that a variety of ideas are tested

-          The critical points are focussed on

-          It promotes creativity and out of the box thinking

-          Dialectical inquiry is balanced approach, which gives equal importance to positives and negatives of an alternative. Devil’s advocate also takes into consideration many alternatives. But, the difference is that it concentrates more on the shortcomings/negatives of the approach.

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